Underwave ZipZero 6SS Long John

196.00 78.40

Underwave uus lähenemine kalipsode tootmises, et kombineeri kalipso osadest ja saad neid kõiki omavahel sobitada erinevate ilmade-olude puhul. Moodulite selga panek ja seljast võtmine on lihtne.

4 erineva mooduliga saab kombineerida väga palju lahendusi.

Underwave kasutab ZipZero mudelitel kõige paremat, mugavamat ja venivamat neopreeni, et sõidusessioonid oleks maksimaalselt nauditavad.


Underwave ZipZero is the first Zipless Modular wetsuit in the world.



Underwave ZipZero is the first wetsuit in the world that can be put on like you would do with normal clothing.

Absolute flexibility. No Zippers.


Underwave ZipZero can be every wetsuit you want, when you want.

Steamer, Long Arm Short Leg, Long John… you can switch between every wetsuit type you want in seconds.

You just need to choose your parts.


Once you try a ZipZero, there’s no coming back, you have been warned.

Underwave won’t be held responsible for any damage caused by a ZipZero addiction.


Only with Underwave ZipZero

1 + 1 = 8

makes sense.



Underwave ZipZero is the first Zipless Modular wetsuit in the world.

Free from any type of zipper, ZipZero wetsuits features an unrivaled flexibility that will never ever be reached by a standard, zipped wetsuit. ZipZero wetsuits are 100% Neoprene.

Underwave ZipZero wetsuits also features a Modular design, this means that you can build the wetsuit you want by choosing the parts you prefer.

Also: since every piece can be combined with the others, you can store up to 24 different wetsuits with a very little space and a very little weight.

Underwave ZipZero wetsuits can be put on and off like you would do with normal clothing, without hassles and without wasting precious time.

Why Zipless?

In a normal, zipped, wetsuit the zip is the only part of the wetsuit that is not elastic.

Every non-elastic element on a wetsuit is a hindering that stops the rider from moving really freely.

Underwave ZipZero wetsuits feature absolutely no zippers, and every single inch is made with flexible, high quality Neoprene.

Being zip free, ZipZero wetsuits can boast an incredible, unrivaled grade of flexibility that will never ever be reached by a standard, zipped wetsuit.

We made lots of extended tests both in water and in lab to make this innovation come true.

We are proud of our product, and we are sure that You too will find it extraordinary.

Just try it, You’ll never want to take it off