Trans Basic Black lumelaua saapad

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Trans Basic lumelaua saapad on kerged ja vastupidavad ning väga hea hinnaga. Trans on Saksa kvaliteet lumelauavarustuse tootja ja nende eesmärk on pakkuda kvaliteetset varustust parima hinnaga.


Proven ICA leather for extra long life and very high quality look in combination with antique leather inserts | 3D pre-formed, thick padded fleece liner best heel fixation and rigidity through padding system | ultralight, flat and two-tone gum sole with cushioning system | preformed tongue with continuous padding | Easy Lace System with metal hooks for easy lacing | durable, flexible and handy Speedlaces | Micro-movable, elaborately reinforced Cordura shaft | Discreet Labeling | Rental variant: Extra large compartment for shoe sizes on the shaft