C-Skins Rewired 3/2mm FZ 5SS kalipso

210.00 126.00

The ‘comp’ version of the Wired – ‘feather like’ weight, flexibility and warmth combine to make this a go to suit for Spring/Summer use.

The 2015 ReWired features the exclusive C-Skins Enigma free floating zip system and P.E.T Recycled poly pro chest lining. Mind blowing performance at an affordable price


• Ultra Stretch C-Flex neoprene
• C-Flex Hot Tape critically taped internal seams
• Glued and blindstitched seams
• Super Seal Glideskin collar
• Future Fit/Benefit
• P.E.T Recycled Poly Pro chest lining
• C-Flex Hot Tape wrist seals
• Enigma chest zip
• Minimal panel design
• DuroFlx knee pads
• Key pocket



Ultra Stretch C-Flex Neoprene

Flexible, lightweight double lined neoprene that has excellent multidirectional stretch.

P.E.T Recycled Poly Pro chest lining

This polypro is the result of discarded PET plastic products such as bottles and bags which are re-worked into a practical and effective fleece lining that is fantastic at retaining warmth and enhancing the thermal properties of the neoprene.

Future Fit

Created through intensive team rider testing and by observing the changing biometric measurements of today’s surfers, FUTURE Fit is born… It’s an Industry first. Our aim was to create the best fitting wetsuit in the industry no compromises and not just that, we wanted to go beyond, to a place where rider and wetsuit perform at their absolute peak in total harmony…FUTURE Fit enhances rider comfort and performance as well as maximizing material function…It’s a Game Changer.

Enigma Zip

A genuine innovation from C-Skins which is the difference between a front zip wetsuit that restricts your movement and one that works in harmony with you. The ‘Free Floating’ Enigma Zip Panel is attached to the wetsuit after the main body of the wetsuit has been manufactured. This unique design enables us to create a wetsuit that gives you increased freedom and comfort in the shoulder area. The Enigma Zip design also focuses on making the shoulder area completely seamless which further enhances your comfort.

The Enigma Zip is a registered design and another world first design innovation by C-SKINS.

C-Flex Hot Tape

C-Flex Ultra Stretch Tape exclusive to C-Skins which is applied to the inner seams, increasing the seams durability and water resistance over time, without impacting on the flexibility and stretch of the wetsuit or accessory.

GBS (Glued and Blindstitched)

A fully sealed seam that is flexible, robust and water tight. Neoprene panels are first triple glued and then blindstitched. This stitching technique (half stitch) does not penetrate the entire thickness of the neoprene and simply passes through the upper/lower part of the neoprene, reinforcing the glued seam, while not impacting on the stretch or water resistance of the seam.

Super Seal Glideskin collar

Smooth, comfortable collar designed to match the contours of the neck and provide a great seal and fit.

Clam Shell Entry System

‘Clam Shell’ overlapping inner front and back neck panels allows for extra stretch and an extra wide, step in entry.

DuroFlx Knee Pads

Specifically tailored knee panels for maximum comfort and durability in a high impact wear area.