C-Skins React 3/2mm BZ 4SS kalipso

175.00 88.00

UK bränd C-Skins poolt valmistatud tippkvaliteet kalipso, mis sobib soojenduskihiks erinevateks veeharrastusteks.


Top-end features and technologies doesn’t mean top-end prices with this range of wetsuits. Featuring 100% Ultra Stretch C-Flex neoprene combined with glued and blindstitched seams gives the React and Wahine insane performance levels.


• Ultra Stretch C-Flex neoprene
• Future Fit
• Glued and blindstitched seams
• Anti-Freeze Poly Pro chest and back lining
• Mesh Skin chest and back panel
• Super Seal O-Ring Glideskin collar
• DuroFlx knee pads
• Key pocket






Ultra Stretch C-Flex neoprene

Flexible, lightweight double lined neoprene that has excellent multidirectional stretch.

Anti-Freeze Poly Pro

Lightweight woven polypro that helps to trap heat and insulate against the freezing conditions; mostly used in conjunction with Mesh panels for greatest warmth and performance.

Future Fit

Created through intensive team rider testing and by observing the changing biometric measurements of today’s surfers, FUTURE Fit is born… It’s an Industry first. Our aim was to create the best fitting wetsuit in the industry no compromises and not just that, we wanted to go beyond, to a place where rider and wetsuit perform at their absolute peak in total harmony…FUTURE Fit enhances rider comfort and performance as well as maximizing material function…It’s a Game Changer.

Super Seal O-Ring Glideskin Collar

Smooth, comfortable collar designed to match the contours of the neck and provide a great seal and feel.

GBS (Glued and Blindstitched)

A fully sealed seam that is flexible, robust and water tight. Neoprene panels are first triple glued and then blindstitched. This stitching technique (half stitch) does not penetrate the entire thickness of the neoprene and simply passes through the upper/lower part of the neoprene, reinforcing the glued seam, while not impacting on the stretch or water resistance of the seam.

DuroFlx Knee Pads

Specifically tailored knee panels for maximum comfort and durability in a high impact wear area.

Mesh Skin chest and back panel

Textured single lined neoprene that provides exceptional wind chill resistance and warmth; it is used in key area’s to maximise the bodies thermal retention.