C-Skins Hotwired 5mm ‘Dryknit’ lobster gloves

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Product Description


A team rider favourite for seriously cold waters; featuring the HY-PE palm, C-Flex neoprene, 100% LQS liquid seam, HY-PE ink wrist seals and DryKnit lining. Thermally efficient, waterproof, lightweight and excellent flexibility and fit!


• HY-PE palm – Multi layer PE ink gives excellent grip
• 100% LQS Liquid Seam – Waterproofs and strengthens seam
• HY-PE ink wrist seal
• Ultra Stretch C-Flex neoprene – Lightweight linings with excellent flexibility and fit
• Glued and blindstitched seams – Keeps water out and warmth in
• DryKnit – Thermally efficient inner lining with quick dry properties
• Lock Down cuff – Securely seals wrist cuff to arm to create watertight seal
• Mesh Skin – Gives excellent wind chill reduction


Sizes available in this style and model:

UK:  2XS/  XS/  S/  M/  L/  XL

Adult Glove size chart



Dry Knit

Dry Knit is a new and exclusive lining material developed exclusively by C-Skins. The new DryKnit lining is built up of 2 layers – the outer layer is made using a hollow fibre yarn that is super hydrophobic and insulative, which traps a thin layer of air between your body and the wetsuit and also allows water to quickly pass to the Dry Knit inner layer. Once the water has passed to the Dry Knit inner layer it will quickly drain out of your wetsuit to make a super fast drying and lightweight wetsuit.


HY-PE palm technology is exclusive to C-Skins. Through innovative multi-layered printing of C-Skins unique PE ‘sticky’ ink across the palm and fingers of the glove; high and low points of grip are achieved creating maximum traction whilst still maintaining a light weight, durable and most importantly flexible glove. Gloves are not bad, just misunderstood!!

Lock Down Wrist Cuff

The Lock-Down cuff is designed to create a comfortable, watertight seal against your skin by using a special tooling which makes the cuff edge completely seamless. Likened to a ‘donut’ or ‘lantern’ shape when worn the panel stretches out to create that ultimate seal! No more flushes!

Mesh Skin

Textured single line neoprene laminated with a metalite glue that provides exceptional wind chill resistance and warmth.

Ultra Stretch C Flex Neoprene

C-Flex Ultra Stretch Neoprene is C-Skins stretchiest and most versatile neoprene. It is a comfortable lining with a stretchier foam and a tighter weave which is very durable and carries minimal water.

Liquid Seams

A liquid rubber seam construction which is usually combined with GBS to add strength and to increase the quality of the watertight seam.

Triple Glued and Blindstitched Seams

A fully sealed, watertight seam construction that keeps water out. The panels are first glued and then press together, followed by a stitch that doesn’t penetrate all the way through the neoprene. Glued and Blindstitched, also known as GBS.