2020 Naish Base BTB 24m poom

420.00 375.00

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Naish Base poom on nelja 24m liiniga poom, mille depoweri süsteem asub poomist allpool chickenloobi juures.  Turvasüsteemid töötavad väga lihtsalt ja depoweri käsitlemine on ka väga lihtne.

Poom sobib ideaalselt lühematele sõitjatele, et depoweri kasutamine oleks lihtne.



Effective and straightforward, the Base Control System features a stainless steel line organizer with a simplified V-design for easy release and reload. It also features a reduced-diameter bar with a high texture embossed grip.

The Bar Adjuster allows riders to modify lines from 18″ to 20″ (45–51 cm) to seamlessly fine-tune steering.


  • Patented Naish Push-away Quick Release Mechanism = Fiberglass-reinforced polymer with stainless steel core & a below-the-bar ball bearing swivel
  • Pre-stretched TLS 500 Flying Lines = Stiffer front flying lines + even stretch in front & back lines over time
  • Lightweight Smart Loop with Below-the-Bar Trim Adjustment
  • Cross-embossed, High-texture Grip
  • Auto-positioning Smart Loop
  • Through-the-Bar Flagging Line
  • Back Flying Line Adjustment Under Floaters
  • Powerflex Bar Ends & Floaters
  • Vario Bar End Adjustment = 18”–20” (45–51 cm)
  • NEW Heavy-duty Short Kite Leash with Quick Release